Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Cramped Up!" - First Teaser Trailer

Sending out a Howdy! to all The Cramps fans. I'm a little late here, but I'd like to share Director/Producer Chaz Royal's teaser trailer for his upcoming documentary, Cramped Up!, about one of music's greatest and coolest bands, The Cramps. Despite my tardiness, it is worth posting for those of my friends who are not aware of the documentary now in its beginning stages.

In my last post, I announced my contribution to Chaz's effort with an interview of artist Stephen Blickenstaff, who was creator of the iconic image for The Cramps' album cover, "Bad music for bad people":

Both Stephen and I are very excited to see the first signs of life in Chaz's film. Wetting our appetite, it is hardly bearable to think we have to wait until Halloween 2016 to feast on this beast, but I'm sure there will be plenty of snacks along the way, and like all good things, it is worth the wait.

I, as like many, will continue to report Chaz's progress, and let's cheer him on while he works his magic with this highly anticipated work.

Check it out!:

Cramped Up! - Teaser Trailer

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