Monday, August 3, 2015

A Sonic Saturday Thank You!

 Thank You All For Watching!

Hello my friends. Well, Sonic Saturday was a success! No, it didn't draw thousands of views. It was certainly no Lucas, Spielberg, or Tarantino production. And it may not have been everyone's cup of (now we're talkn') But for me, it was a very rewarding experience. And for all of you who attended, I just want to convey my gratitude and appreciation. Thank you for taking the time last night to peek into the world of guitarist-composer, Jeremy Hicks-Kachik. I hope you enjoyed hearing him discuss his soundscapes while creating musical gems right on the spot.

For me, it was exciting to see and hear Jeremy live, especially since it was a matter of us getting to a site, quickly setting up, and then immediately launching  into asking him questions that he had no time to think about. Most all the scenes were first takes. I rarely shot something over, as I felt it was important to keep moving and not think too much.

In the vein of a great master guitarist, one who has influenced my own creative flow, Jimi Hendrix, there is no doubt I was "Experienced". My question to you: was there a moment or two while watching the film that you were "Experienced"? And I don't mean that Jeremy is the next Jimi Hendrix, but only whether he sparked that creative flow in you? Did he resonate and strike a chord in you, one that turned on your own desire to ensure your world always has time for a little creativity, a true energy that fuels the soul? "Are You Experienced", I ask?

I'm really proud of how the film turned out. Moreover, I'm really thankful for getting to "experience" those spontaneous moments live as they unfolded. I would like to again thank him for allowing me, a stranger, to come into his sonic world to hear his words and his soundscapes. And more importantly, I'd like to especially thank him for putting his trust in me.

It is still early and I anticipate the film will continue to grab more attention as time goes on. It will be fun reading new comments and hearing from those who discover the film by accident, especially if it sparks a special note within them. I would like to also thank you all in advance, should you desire to share this film with your friends; something I encourage and hope you do.

In the meantime - and this is meant for those new to my blog and films - I invite you to check out my other films, The Flow of Forsythe, Nadine, and My Friend Hugo. As a side note, I'm hoping one day in the near future to get my full-length music documentary, The Skeptics In A World of Their Own, on-line. For me, it was my first major effort that will always remain very special and fuel my internal fire to continue my journey.

Ok, again, thank you all for tuning in for a Sonic Saturday night of grooving, jiving, and flowing with Acoustic Alchemy - The Sonic Meditation of JHK.

PEACE!, my friends.

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