Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Coming Soon: Acoustic Alchemy - The Sonic Meditation of JHK

Greetings. I've been steadily editing my latest film, Acoustic Alchemy - The Sonic Meditation of JHK. In my last posting, I announced that I had finally screened the film for the star of the film, Jeremy Hicks-Kachik, a professional musician living nearby in Harford County, Maryland.

As I edit my last cut of the film, I'm excited to push forward with some added confidence from knowing Jeremy is happy with the direction and outcome. While I understand it was a little difficult - as most anyone - to watch himself on screen, he was able to pull back and remain neutral, as if watching someone he didn't know. Taking a backseat to simply listen with a newness of mind is necessary for any musician; any artist pursuing their craft for that matter.

In Acoustic Alchemy - The Sonic Meditation of JHK, Jeremy conveys universal ideas in his own words and then applies the limited explanation to sound with his spontaneous effort that speaks to the heart. Music is of the heart, and I think he's done a fine job of conveying his ideas. I found them powerful. Inspiring. And I think Jeremy's thoughts and music will also resonate with many of you.

I'd like to point out that my experience at the various locations during the entire shoot with Jeremy, I thoroughly enjoyed the spontaneous results of both his words and music. I was taken aback by the mood and atmospherics he was able to create on the spot, transforming the moment into a wonderful experience. It was most enjoyable to watch him at work, scanning his surroundings, crafting and creating as he played. He was in the flow, tapping into the energy of the location. This is what musicians do. I was there to see it unfold and feel privileged to have experienced those moments.

For now, I will continue editing while enjoying the great sonics of JHK. I can't wait to share them with you.

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