Sunday, July 19, 2015

Acoustic Alchemy - The Sonic Meditation of JHK.

Hello All.. On July 15, I announced that my newest film in the works was about musician Jeremy Hicks-Kachik, a professional Harford County, Maryland based musician. At that time of my posting, Jeremy had not seen any footage, nor did he have much of an idea about what my plans were with the film's direction. My posting didn't include the film's title either, as I wanted him to see the film first.

Today changes those circumstances. I have just showed Jeremy a cut of the film. It's called Acoustic Alchemy - The Sonic Meditation of JHK. Though I felt Jeremy would like the film, one is never quite sure. That said, I'm pleased to announce Jeremy and I watched the film together and he has given me a thumbs up. I think he is happy and probably somewhat relieved.

During our many filming sessions, I would show up at Jeremy's house, take him to a new location, pull out a list of questions, and we'd proceed filming in a spontaneous fashion. I remember the first time we got together. He was surprised by my questions - not really knowing what I had planned - but he didn't miss a beat and launched right into the groove without any prodding, despite it being the first time he had to face the lens of my camera. He seemed quite comfortable and willing to embrace the moments. Intuitively, it felt right. At that moment, I knew I was on the right track.

I am now working on my third and final cut. I have a good deal of corrections to make, but unless some unforeseen technical problems occurs, the film's premiere should happen in the next several weeks. What will be different about this premiere is that it will be my first film since 2010 - The Skeptics In A World of Their Own (not on-line), The Flow of Forsythe, Nadine, and My Friend Hugo - that I didn't premiere at the Frederick Film Festival, in my home town, Frederick, Maryland. Growing up in Frederick was my creative backyard and I've tried to make it a point each year, if lucky enough to make it in the festival, to premiere it there first.

Since I didn't complete Acoustic Alchemy - The Sonic Meditation of JHK in time to enter this year's Frederick Film Festival, I've decided to try something new and launch the film on Youtube. I will be making announcements as things progress. Stay tuned and thanks for having an interest.

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