Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Looking for something different to read?

I was recently contacted by my publisher that 'Strange Company' was selected for a limited printing in hardback.

For those friends who don't know of this work or has an interest in such a topic, 'Strange Company' is the first in-depth accounting of aerial phenomena primarily observed by the Allied Air Forces during WWII. With around 500 references, this work is primarily sourced by official documentation compiled by my four year research effort at the National Archives II, Modern Military Branch, in College Park, Maryland, and includes sighting accounts by veterans, most of which I personally interviewed.

FYI: It is important to remember that the terms UFO or flying saucer were not used until a couple years post war. Also, it should be noted that the now famous term 'foo fighter' was coined by one American night fighter outfit in late 1944, long after the sightings began.

Have a great summer. Cheers!

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