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"The Flow Of Forsythe" Screens At The Delaplaine


Saturday, June 17, 2012 from 2-4pm

The Pavilion at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center in Frederick

"As prelude to the 2012 Frederick Film Festival (F3), the festival is hosting a screening of the documentary “The Flow of Forsythe” which follows the life and career of Frederick abstract artist Charles Eugene Forsythe. The screening will take place at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center on Sunday, June 17 from 2-4pm. The artist will be on hand to talk to visitors and a collection of his artwork will be on display.

"Forsythe is a life-long artist whose career spans back to the 1950s when he came on the scene as an abstract painter. Beginning in 1959 Forsythe also began navigating his path in the academic world, eventually becoming assistant principal for what is now known as the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC.

"The film follows the narrative of Forsythe’s life through the use of his own words as he describes his ideas, life experiences, and philosophy of art all while weaving in stories of his fascinating life.
Also on hand for this special Frederick Film Festival event is the director of the film, Maryland filmmaker Keith Chester. Chester is no stranger to Frederick, one of his previous films, “The Skeptics: In a World of Their Own” followed the path of Frederick’s The Skeptics, a rock band in the 1980 who gained national and international notice before breaking up.

"This screening of “The Flow of Forsythe” is one of several pre-festival events the F3 has hosted to bring awareness of the Festival but also the role of film in the appreciation of other art forms.
Other events and all the movies are listed on the Festival’s website at www.FrederickFilmFest.com

"The Frederick Film Festival –the F3 – is a result of a partnership between Frederick’s premiere performing arts venue, the Weinberg Center for the Arts, and Frederick’s film organization CinemArts, who have been bringing under screened, independent, and foreign film to Frederick on a biweekly basis for nearly 7 years. The purpose of the partnership is to provide an opportunity for a world-class film festival in Frederick and to promote a wide range of films. Films on the schedule include acclaimed foreign films, documentaries and independent films, most being shown for the first time in Frederick, some for the first time in the region, and some for the first time on the East Coast. The F3 also features works from Maryland filmmakers."
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I found Keith Chester’s short documentary, The Flow Of Forsythe, about fine artist, Charles Forsythe, to be an insightful visual meditation. The documentary has a very David Lynch type feel to it, which suits Forsythe’s approach to life and art. Keith is able to capture a brief look into an artist’s soul while doing it in a way that complimented Forsythe’s style and approach to his art. He talks about his struggles and his relentless quest in finding how to express himself artistically and how it constantly changes and evolved as he matures. The documentary sticks with you long after viewing it. Having been fortunate to be a former student of Mr. Forsythe, I am simply overjoyed Keith had the insight and fortitude to create a documentary about a man who is a very important to many who have met and come into contact with or even lucky enough to have had the fortune of being taught by him.
John Kreng -
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For those new to my Blog, I first met Charles in the summer of 2009. I had sent him a spontaneous email. At the time, I was editing The Skeptics In A World Of Their Own (Also see earlier postings in this Blog) and Charles’s daughter, Mina, was one of the fans I interviewed for documentary. Communicating with Mina, I discovered her father was an artist and had posted pictures of his latest work in Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 of his Face Book page.

One evening I decided to take a few extra moments and check out Charles’s work. I was immediately drawn to his paintings. I found them very inspiring. Over the next several months, we kept in contact. It was during this time I became more enthusiastic about Charles's work and asked if he was game about letting me make a film about him and his life with art. Skeptical, but curious, Charles eventually agreed to give me a chance.

Beginning in October, 2010, Charles and I began our journey, getting together nearly once a week. Six months later, I had completed shooting and began editing. I approached my project as if I was painting. Each time we got together, I shot a couple scenes ( what I was calling colors) and added them to my palette. After accumulating all my colors, I began blending them, of which resulted in The Flow Of Forsythe.

I hope you enjoy the documentary and both Charles and I look forward to meeting everyone who comes out for the show.

The Flow Of Forsythe is an official selection of the 2012 Frederick Film Festival (F3) and will screen again at The Weinberg Center For The Arts on Sunday, June 24, 2012, at 4:00 P.M.

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