Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Way They Stare

In the beginning, The Skeptics were a four piece band. They were fresh and hungry for some action. This was the beginning of a brilliant and swift rise on the local music scene, thanks to Ol' Hole Heels (OHH), who had discovered them and became their manager. Some critics say OHH was the fifth Skeptic. As many know by now, his influence on the band was larger than the Beatle's manager, Brian Epstein, and he has been compared to recording engineer George Martin for his huge musical influence, and has become known as the fifth Skeptic.

Though I love their work as a three-piece, I feel there was something very special and dynamic about their sound as a four-piece. It was a nice alchemy. The following scene is from the documentary, The Skeptics In A World Of Their Own. In this clip, we see rare footage from a 1984 video recording that was shot by Dick Davis in a warehouse located in Frederick, Maryland. This early footage captures one of my favorite, if not favorite, songs by The Skeptics when they were a four piece band.

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