Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Learn The Skeptic Kick

Yesterday, I posted news about The Skeptics documentary getting accepted in the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. It wasn't long before I received a telephone call from Ol' Hole Heels (OHH). Thrilled about the documentary being selected for screening in Philadelphia, he asked that I meet him. Not wanting to discuss details on the telephone, he provided directions to his location and asked me to bring my camera.

Thirty-five minutes later, I arrived on the scene. OHH was cooking near a picnic table on a small portable grill. Offering me a bite, I wasn't sure what it was, but the smell told me to stay away. Far away. My instincts were correct. I learned it was possum. OHH said he needed some extra calories for today's filming session.

As OHH chowed down on his protein, I sat and listened while he explained the reason for our meeting. He said it is time his special dance became known to a larger audience. Developed right after he became the boy's manager, he created this signature dance and named it the "Skeptics Kick". During shows in the early 1980s, OHH hired a go-go dancer to demonstrate the dance along side the band while they played. He picked a go-go dancer because their training regiment enabled them to sustain complicated moves throughout a night's show.

OHH told me that while attending recent shows, he's noticed the number of people who know the sophisticated dance have significantly dwindled. And since the boys no longer like having dancers accompany them on stage, he feels a  new strategy is needed to ensure the dance does not fade away. And this is why he contacted me.

Being very impressed by his Jane Fonda workout tapes, OHH feels it's time his routine becomes available in households across the U.S. With new interest in the band, and as the documentary makes its way into more film festivals, the following demonstration is presented with hopes this dance is rediscovered by a whole new fan base. OHH feels the "Skeptic Kick" has the potential to set dance floors across America on fire.

WARNING: Perform this dance at your own risk. If unsure, please seek advice from your physician.

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