Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jebediah Buzzard: The Skeptics' Rootworker

In this entry, I'd like to share my experience about meeting with one of the most important behind the scenes staff members that worked for The Skeptics during the 1980s..  As I mentioned in my May 5, 2011, entry, there were a couple people who I wanted to include in the documentary, but their schedules conflicted with mine and we were unable to meet. Fortunately, with the help of Ol' Hole Heels (OHH),  I was afforded the opportunity to eventually meet them and they agreed to make a statement for use in this blog.

As like the meeting with Freaky Daddy, my next encounter proved just as secretive. The date was August 15, 2010. I received a telephone call from OHH. He said I should get my camera and meet him at his office within the hour. He said that  Jebediah Buzzard was passing through the area and had a few moments to spare was willing to speak with me. The only thing I knew about Jebediah was he was instrumental in providing security for The Skeptics during their U.S. tours. OHH explained that Jebediah had become well known for his unique skills and was in high demand. OHH said it wasn't easy procuring Jebediah's services and THe Skeptics were very fortunate to have him on their staff, especially given the venues Freaky Daddy had procured for their tours. Having someone like Jebediah on-board was where OHH's rich background came in handy. They knew each other well. In fact, they had traveled together a few times while OHH was touring and giving lectures on Maryland folklore, another one of OHH's areas of expertise. Both OHH and Jebediah would pair up during a few summers and tour the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia region.  Though Jebediah conducted much of his work in and around Arkansas, his friendship with OHH soon had him expanding his territory of operation. Jebediah has several homes and spends time in each location.

When I arrived at OHH's office, he rushed me back out the door and said we had little time to waste. Our destination was about an hour away. We would be heading towards western Maryland to a tract of land in a remote area. Arriving, we parked my car and proceeded on foot along a trail for another hour. We then came upon what appeared to be private property.  I couldn't see any building from where we were, but knew we were on someone's property because of a nearby fence.  OHH stopped us along side a path and said we would now wait.

About 30 minutes passed as we sat in silence. And then, I could hear the faint sound of an musical instrument. I stared in that direction as the sound grew near. It wasn't long before Jebediah appeared:

It should be noted that in recent years, Jebediah has become a regular on Moster Madhouse , a show based in Virginia that promotes monster films of yesteryear. He also hosts his own show Fright Time FunHouse .

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