Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little History

It was Groundhog day, 1984, when four musicians gathered together for the first time atop Braddock Mountain in Frederick, Maryland. That blustery day, The Skeptics were born. For the next six years, the band created a blend of original garage, surf, punk, Appalachia, and psychedelic ear candy for a small but devoted fan base. Playing clubs, alleys, side streets, and opening for bands, such as the Slickee Boys and Velvet Monkeys, The Skeptics brought magic to these venues. In 1990, The Skeptics disappeared from the scene.

But, in recent years, The Skeptics were back together and making a few rare appearances. Their return can be accredited to one person, Ol' Hole Heels (OHH), one of Frederick's finest entrepreneurs, who has been with the band since the beginning. What has been unknown until now is that the boys would have played out, if not for their discovery by OHH, who took the band under his wing. OHH had discovered the band practicing in an old tool shed he had rented them. Quickly realizing the boy's had real talent and potential, he soon became their mentor and manager, guiding them on a dizzying upward spiral, amidst a whirlwind of rehearsals, gigs, interviews and recording sessions. OHH's management style was unprecedented. In fact, he was responsible for everything from the band's look and attitude to many songs in their impressive catalog.
OHH convinced the boys they should return to the scene, enabling a new generation of listeners the opportunity to hear the legendary Frederick band. The timing was right. Beginning in the summer of 2007, The Skeptics began recording new material and performing at surprise gigs around the area. Simultaneously, OHH felt it was time the band's history was documented for future generations. It was then he contacted me and asked that I begin putting together a documentary.

Over the next couple of years, I interviewed OHH, the reclusive band members, fans, friends, and was given unlimited access to the band's musical archives. By early 2010, the documentary, The Skeptics In A World Of Their Own, was complete. The film provides a rare glimpse into one of Frederick, Maryland's best unknown musical treasures.

I hope you enjoy their story.

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