Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frederick Premiere At The Weinberg

On March 25, 2010, my first feature length documentary, The Skeptics In A World Of Their Own, premiered at the Weinberg Center in Frederick, Maryland. When I completed the film, the Weinberg was my first choice. It was a long shot, but I felt it was very appropriate and fitting to screen this film at such an historic landmark. Fortunately, the stars were in alignment. The film was accepted. Making the event more special, the Weinberg Center decided to use the film as a kickoff for the Frederick Film Festival (F3), formally starting on March 26. It was decided the film would run solo that evening and followed by a rare live performance by the band.

Playing at the Weinberg Center was something the boys had always wanted to do, since forming The Skeptics on blustery Groundhog Day in 1984. The Weinberg Center was a historic venue. Its origins dates back to 1926, opening as the Tivoli,

Since I, too, grew up in Frederick, premiering The Skeptics In A World Of Their Own at the Weinberg Center will always remain a very special and most memorable moment for me.

The picture is very telling. Taken in the late 1980s at The Weinberg Center, while the band was still together, it reveals their desire to play at the historic venue.

This was the teaser trailer I posted that was the only information about the film until a week prior to premiere. I then posted the second trailer:

Here's a wonderful write up about the documentary by owner of Bonafide Records, Rick Noll, who was also interviewed in the documentary:
Bonafide Records

Frederick News Post announcement:

Hagerstown, Maryland announcement:

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