Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It's All In The Foo

Hello, all. While sitting here drinking another round of high octane java and watching it snow, I discovered a new article that reminds me of the year 1945. It was actually New Year's day when AP writer, Bob Wilson, broke a story about strange and mysterious sightings that were being reported to the allied command.

I'd like to thank Billy Cox for writing this article about my research effort into the mysterious "foo fighters" sighted during WWII. Many of you know about my time spent at the National Archives II, College Park, Maryland, that culminated in my book Strange Company: Strange Company.

In recent weeks, I donated my archives to a top researcher/historian to be used by others who will follow in my footsteps. Check out the article:



Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bulletized Breakfast

Good day to you all. Yesterday, on Facebook, I posted a picture of my daily morning wake up. Actually, I wanted to post here first. Oh well, it's never too late, so here's to another great morning. There's nothing like a high fat, high octane breakfast of fortified Java to help put me into a state of ketosis for the next 16 hours.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Hateful Take

Hello, It's been  a while since I posted here. Well, winter is upon us, those of you living nearby in the grand state of Maryland. Several weeks ago I was with my wife and good friend, Stephen Blickenstaff, traveling to the AFI theater in Silver Springs, Maryland, to see the master filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino's roadshow version of his new film, The Hateful 8.

There is no need to discuss the film here. For those of us who like the films of Tarantino, it was yet another fine dish he offered up. For those of you who don't get, like, or understand his style, well, that's fine too.

The point here I'd like to convey is my mood while waiting to see the film. The more I waited in line to get in, the more troubled, irritated, and just plain....hateful I became:

Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Cramped Up!" - First Teaser Trailer

Sending out a Howdy! to all The Cramps fans. I'm a little late here, but I'd like to share Director/Producer Chaz Royal's teaser trailer for his upcoming documentary, Cramped Up!, about one of music's greatest and coolest bands, The Cramps. Despite my tardiness, it is worth posting for those of my friends who are not aware of the documentary now in its beginning stages.

In my last post, I announced my contribution to Chaz's effort with an interview of artist Stephen Blickenstaff, who was creator of the iconic image for The Cramps' album cover, "Bad music for bad people":

Both Stephen and I are very excited to see the first signs of life in Chaz's film. Wetting our appetite, it is hardly bearable to think we have to wait until Halloween 2016 to feast on this beast, but I'm sure there will be plenty of snacks along the way, and like all good things, it is worth the wait.

I, as like many, will continue to report Chaz's progress, and let's cheer him on while he works his magic with this highly anticipated work.

Check it out!:

Cramped Up! - Teaser Trailer

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Cramped Up!" New Documentary About The Cramps

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to mention my involvement with a very special upcoming event on October 31, 2016: the release of Cramped Up!, a new documentary about the iconic band, The Cramps, by filmmaker/Producer, Chaz Royal. I will continue to post new developments as they happen. Only recently did Chaz begin filming in earnest.

Regarding my association with the documentary, it came about when I was asked by my good friend, and well-known artist, Stephen Blickenstaff, to film an interview of him discussing his role with The Cramps' famous album, Bad Music For Bad People. It was Stephen's artwork that was used for the album's front and back covers. On Halloween day, 1983, Stephen created the pieces of artwork that he eventually gave the band as a gift, after seeing them a few weeks later, in Washington, D.C.. Inspired by the images of the Horror Hosts of EC Comics released during the 1950s, something that founding member and singer, Lux, and Stephen shared in common, the band liked the artwork so much they selected it for use on their upcoming album. History was made:

Stephen and I had great time during the interview. For Stephen, who has created artwork for many professional band's album covers, such as Thin White Rope, Atomic Mosquitos (of which Stephen plays theremin in), plus a compilation album including Southern Culture On The Skids, Los Straightjackets, and The Fleshtones, our session together was a great visit down memory lane. For me, it was great hearing the artist describe his experience with such an important album.

I'm compelled to also include here that Stephen designed the cover for the band, The Skeptics, in which he played drums. For more about this great garage band, please check out my earlier posts about them and the release of my full-length documentary, The Skeptics In A World of Their Own, that premiered in March 2010.

In closing, we are both very excited and look forward to what should become a great documentary about a great band that made an indelible mark upon music history.

Below is a still from the footage I shot:

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Sonic Saturday Thank You!

 Thank You All For Watching!

Hello my friends. Well, Sonic Saturday was a success! No, it didn't draw thousands of views. It was certainly no Lucas, Spielberg, or Tarantino production. And it may not have been everyone's cup of tea...ah...coffee (now we're talkn') But for me, it was a very rewarding experience. And for all of you who attended, I just want to convey my gratitude and appreciation. Thank you for taking the time last night to peek into the world of guitarist-composer, Jeremy Hicks-Kachik. I hope you enjoyed hearing him discuss his soundscapes while creating musical gems right on the spot.

For me, it was exciting to see and hear Jeremy live, especially since it was a matter of us getting to a site, quickly setting up, and then immediately launching  into asking him questions that he had no time to think about. Most all the scenes were first takes. I rarely shot something over, as I felt it was important to keep moving and not think too much.

In the vein of a great master guitarist, one who has influenced my own creative flow, Jimi Hendrix, there is no doubt I was "Experienced". My question to you: was there a moment or two while watching the film that you were "Experienced"? And I don't mean that Jeremy is the next Jimi Hendrix, but only whether he sparked that creative flow in you? Did he resonate and strike a chord in you, one that turned on your own desire to ensure your world always has time for a little creativity, a true energy that fuels the soul? "Are You Experienced", I ask?

I'm really proud of how the film turned out. Moreover, I'm really thankful for getting to "experience" those spontaneous moments live as they unfolded. I would like to again thank him for allowing me, a stranger, to come into his sonic world to hear his words and his soundscapes. And more importantly, I'd like to especially thank him for putting his trust in me.

It is still early and I anticipate the film will continue to grab more attention as time goes on. It will be fun reading new comments and hearing from those who discover the film by accident, especially if it sparks a special note within them. I would like to also thank you all in advance, should you desire to share this film with your friends; something I encourage and hope you do.

In the meantime - and this is meant for those new to my blog and films - I invite you to check out my other films, The Flow of Forsythe, Nadine, and My Friend Hugo. As a side note, I'm hoping one day in the near future to get my full-length music documentary, The Skeptics In A World of Their Own, on-line. For me, it was my first major effort that will always remain very special and fuel my internal fire to continue my journey.

Ok, again, thank you all for tuning in for a Sonic Saturday night of grooving, jiving, and flowing with Acoustic Alchemy - The Sonic Meditation of JHK.

PEACE!, my friends.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's Sonic Saturday Night! The Premiere of Acoustic Alchemy - The Sonic Mefditation of JHK

Greetings All!,

I'm very excited to announce that tonight at 9:00 p.m., Eastern standard time, is the premiere of my new short film, Acoustic Alchemy - The Sonic Meditation of JHK. In advance, I'd like to thank you for following this Blog and taking the time out of your day(s) to follow the actions of my little world and especially having an interest in my films.

Jeremy and I are very proud of the results of our collaboration. It was very spontaneous and organic in nature. It is my hope that not only do you enjoy watching and listening to the film, but it contains a few moments that will speak to you in some way. That it washes over you and sparks a mood. A feeling. That it ignites a resonance within and places you in your personal zone, like one gets while sitting silently beside a calm spring flowing by, speaking to you with its own unique language.

It's show time. Grab your favorite beverage, or maybe something else that appeals to your tastes. Dim the lights and sit back (hopefully with headphones) and let Acoustic Alchemy - The Sonic Meditation of JHK engulf you with a sonic glimpse into his world. Remember, you can post your comments on this Blog and/or my Facebook and Twitter account, and Jeremy's Facebook as well.

We hope you enjoy your Sonic Saturday night. Here's to a few moments of some fine dining of the aural kind. Cheers!

So now I'd like to present: